Birthday parties had their origin in the families of Royals, prior to the advent of Christianity, when celebrations were held as a celebration of life, and to ward off evil spirits. Held amongst family and friends, birthday parties were thought to provide protection from harm on the day of one’s birth – a day on which evil spirits were thought to be particularly active. Giving gifts on the day brought even more good cheer. It was believed to be in Germany that children were first included in the “birthday party ritual”.

Today, birthday parties are of course the norm around the world and, certainly amongst kids, are occasions celebrated with fun, festivity, delicacies and gifts. With us all running busy lives, we often leave organizing our children’s parties to the very last minute. Then it’s a stressful few days trying to find someone reliable to make up party packs and rustle up cakes and cupcakes. If your child is about to celebrate a birthday party and you’re looking for someone reliable to help you with birthday goodies, know that we’ll be there for you.


  • Cupcakes from R10
  • Cakes from R300
  • Biscuits from R6
  • Party Packs from R25

Terms of payment

50% on confirmation of order. Proof of payment to be faxed to 086 567 0985. Balance of payment either prior to, or on collection of, order. Bank details to be provided on confirmation of order.


Delivery can be arranged through the courier company we use. Typically, delivery charges are from R170 and upwards but will be confirmed with you prior to the despatching of goods.

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