Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about lovers and interests you’re stalking …  It’s a great time to show appreciation to people who impact your life.  Nothing says “I really appreciate that you gave me that report ahead of time so I could prepare for the huge career-changing meeting” quite like a cupcake.  Nothing says “Thank you for covering for me with the MD when my ‘business lunch’ ran longer than expected” like unique biscuits.  Nothing says “I’ve got your back because you’ve got mine” like a special, tasty treat given to your staff on Valentine’s Day.

Keep checking back regularly to see our latest ‘love letter.’

Here they are:


6th February 2014


Only an engineer could find this romantic!


5th February 2014


This can only have been written by a girl.  A boy would have been proud!


4th February 2014

Dear Luigi.

I am only feeling slightly scorned and rejected because you turned down my marriage proposal.  You just don’t understand though … for a woman to have perfect hair everyday … well, I just couldn’t help falling in love at the thought.  As my hairdresser for ten years now, I thought you would understand.  Marriages of convenience still take place, you know.

I’ve tried to style my own hair, and it lasts for about a nano-second.  The slightest gust of wind, hint of rain, stars being out of alignment, and The Big Frizz sets in.  My straightener has caused 3rd degree burns on my ears and neck and when I use silicon, I either look like an escapee from an oil factory or it makes no perceptible difference because I use too little.

So until I wear you down, and you finally accept, I will just have to keep spending the majority of my hard-earned salary on hair care. Thank you for giving me moments when I feel like a Super Model.

Best regards,

The Big Frizz


3rd February 2014

Dear Precious,

I just have to thank you… You stood out from the other cashiers to such an extent that I need to tell you how important that is.  You looked into my eyes when you greeted me.  Such a refreshing change!  You weren’t chatting to the packer or some other employee on the other side of the shop.  You focused on me.  You weren’t popping gum, sullenly.  You told me about specials I had missed, you wrapped my toiletries separately.  What can I say – you really are an asset to your company.  Once again, thank you!


29th January 2014

Dear Carol,

I was first going to offer condolences for some of the characters you have been forced to deal with of late, then I swiftly remembered that you accepted the promotion from Receptionist to Junior Administrator with gusto, so my sympathies waned.  However, I wanted to commend you on your handling of the altercation between Glenn and Mr Rasmussen.  While Glenn sometimes his confuses his position as Sales Rep to someone seated at the right hand, Mr Rasmussen pushes the ‘client is always right’ ethos to where ordinarily sane individuals start fantasising about murder-suicides.  You defused Glenn where I would probably just have stomped on his toe and oddly, Mr Rasmussen seemed to lap-up the fact that he was totally in the wrong.  I’m considering you for a position in customer service or possibly the warranty department, as soon as one opens up.

Please enjoy this jar of hot chocolate with marshmallows in recognition of your superb effort.  Feel free to nip into the kitchen and make yourself a cuppa whenever you feel the need to increase your ‘sweet’ levels.  I’ll make sure there are no memos forthcoming about unscheduled beverage breaks – well at least for the duration of your hot-choco kit.

Kind regards,

The Senior Administrator.


28th January 2014

Dear Suzy,

You effortlessly absorbed the pressure we were under due to Glenn being off sick.  Mere words cannot express how much I appreciate the effort you put into preparing our budget.   Cupcakes can, however, as one cupcake speaks a thousand words.  I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t include a cupcake budget.  I may amend your final before submission.  We could always start a cupcake birthday club, where each staff member gets a special little gift on their special day.  What do you think?  Will Management go for it?  I know I will. J

Seriously though, thank you.  You’re amazing!

Your boss


27th January 2014

Dear Internet Service Provider,

Thank you for providing us with intermittent internet connectivity these past few weeks.  It gave me time to hone my coffee-making skills and presented a great excuse to be late with the month-end reports.  I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed myself more since I last sat and watched my hair grow, the mental stimulation being what it was.  I love the fact that my medical aid will have to provide a mouth guard to minimize the wear and tear from grinding my teeth.  So, while I sit alone in the office, on Valentine’s Day, trying desperately to finish off my work while praying I have an internet connection, may you splash spaghetti sauce on your white shirt on date night, or may you get some spinach stuck on your teeth.

Most sincerely,








‘Twas the month before Christmas,

When for good cheer’s sake,

All staff they were given

A joyful cupcake.

Or beautiful boxes

with biscuits were filled.

What a stir in the office,

Employees were thrilled.

So how do you survive this crazy time?  

This Christmas, I have decided to support small businesses.  Generally speaking their support levels are better, their customer service more focused and their desire to make the sale often leads to great deals without ripping anyone off. 

Ask if they do free gift-wrapping.  Sometimes a donation (which usually goes to a good cause) is all they ask and thus you can feel good about using them while supporting the little guys.  The thing with getting gifts wrapped in-store…  Make sure you take post-its or gift labels with you so you can label them and won’t have to try and peel bits of tape off to peek inside and try and remember what you bought for whom.

To quickly put a staff party together … resuscitate your old decorations from last year and make some festive party snacks.  Here are some great ideas…

Meat platter tree     christmas-tree-appetizer-holiday-recipes

Cream cheese gift   xmas cheese gift 

Cream Cheese Snowman  Xmas cheese snowman

Sausage Roll Wreath    Xmas-Mini-Sausage-Wreath-main          

Rice Krispy Treat Trees xmas rice krispy    

Doughnut Reindeer xmas donut reindeer

Doughnut Snowmen    xmas donut snowmen   

Christmas Tree sandwiches   xmas tree sandwiches    

Candy Cane sleighs      candy cane sleds

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.”
― Harlan Miller

Wishing you happy holidays!  Be safe.  May 2014 be prosperous and inspiring!


A few years ago, (about 2000) in the Celtic regions of Ireland and the northern UK, New Year was celebrated on November 1st.  The Celts believed that the day before, spirits roamed the earth; so they lit huge bonfires and dressed in scary costumes to scare them away.  Circa 8thc, the Pope declared 1st November All Saints Day.  The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. 

How can you use this festival to have fun?  I think it’s another excuse for a great office or home party, because it lends itself to creative catering, costumes and cosmetics.  (I know!  The 3 C’s)

Have a Ghoul Friday party at the office, to celebrate all those go above and beyond in their duties and those who scare others (always a plus.)

Catering – Here are some fun and SUPER-easy things to throw together:

Maggots and brains:

maggotsGet a brick of cottage cheese and mould it into an oval shape.  Using the back of a teaspoon, draw convolutions over the top to resemble a brain.  Add some cooked, cooled shrimp to room-temp spaghetti sauce (use a herb based one without meat).  Pour the sauce mix over the brain (cottage cheese) and serve with crackers or crudité.

Chopped fingers:

fingersCut strips of white cheddar into finger sizes.  Score 3 small lines at the 1/3rd mark and the 2/3rd mark to resemble knuckles.  Cut some green pepper into finger-nail shapes. Glue peppers onto the cheese using cream-cheese.


Monster toes:

toesGet cocktail Vienna sausages and warm them up.  Soften some wraps carefully in the microwave for a few seconds and spread a layer of cream-cheese or even cheese spread on one side.  Cut into strips.  Wrap a strip around one end of each sausage to resemble a bandage.  Cut red peppers into nail shapes and glue onto the sausages as a finger nail.  Drizzle tomato sauce over the platter.


Nacho vomit

guacamole vomitEither carve out your own pumpkin, or use a plastic one to house your salsa.  Roughly mash ripe avocados.  Add salt, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Finely chop coriander and mix through.  Place some in a bowl and the rest on a platter.  Put the bowl inside the pumpkin and put the pumpkin mouth at one end of the platter.  Serve with nacho chips and a salsa.  For a great salsa recipe, go to my Facebook page.

 Tasty Sweets:

Halloween05Have Halloween-themed bowls of sweets on the table, with a good variety of sickly-sweet and chocolate.  Add plates of themed cupcakes and biscuits to finish off your table. 

For more GHOSTLY dishes, follow my Facebook page for updates.

I have great costume and make-up ideas on my Facebook page

Have a GREAT Halloween and please upload some pictures of your party onto my Facebook page.  I would love to see your creativity.



Cupcakes and biscuits for Women’s Day

My dilemma… How could I make Women’s Day memorable for the female staff at work?  I need different - unique.  I want to celebrate the phenomenal women I have the pleasure of working with. How can I spice things up a bit, other than adding chilli to a vodka shooter?  Coming right off the back of Mandela Day, where I found upliftment in creating fun for cancer patients, my imagination ran wild.  Want to know my Top-10 List of Women’s Day Event ideas?  Brace yourself! 

  1. A Girly Braai.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but trust me, this can work!  No boerewors at all!  Steak – only chopped into cubes on a fillet-kebab with mushrooms and peppers to add variety.  Try prawn and halloumi kebabs.  Have LOADS of different salads.  For a download on braai ideas, click the Women’s Day box to the right, and I’ll email you.
  2. A Cocktail Party.  Hire a cute mixologist and have him make loads of virgin cocktails (unless your company doesn’t mind doing the alcohol thaaaang on a Thursday afternoon before a holiday.)  Have savoury snacks on hand to offset the sweetness of the drinks.  I can recommend Hein Stander (082 258 6236) or Alex Szabo (083 709 0444). They’re both young, cute, viby and creative. They spin an entertaining event that is more about the social aspect and less about the alcohol. 
  3. A Fairy Tale Theme Party.  You provide props and let people pick them up as they enter the room.  Then watch as the nerdy accountant steps into character and becomes Prince Charming or a receptionist becomes a Fairy Godmother.  Party Packs ‘n Pinatas makes themed cupcakes and biscuits to suit your party.  Look at some of my boards on Pinterest for ideas.  
  4. A Pamper Party with a Difference.  Let the men pamper the female staff.  No – not in any weird way.  Ask male staff to serve drinks and snacks to the female staff for the first hour, then they can relax and join the party.
  5. A Photo Shoot.  Hire a photographer and make-up artist, set up a station and let the women have a professional photo taken.  Not all women get the chance to have this done.  This lets them feel gorgeous and feminine.  Arrange for the photo shoot any time before or on the day.  Then let the photographer edit the pictures and deliver masterpieces.  Admire the photos on a board, then let the ladies take the photos home.  I can highly recommend my photographer, Colette.  If you’re interested go to
  6. A Chick Flick.  Take all the ladies to a chick flick.  Doing the circuit around Women’s Day is Amour, Disconnect, Give It A Year, The Big Wedding, Song for Marion and To The Wonder.  Make up a Party Pack for each woman with some treats for the movie.  The theatre shouldn’t have a problem with you bringing them, as they will be pretty and festive and not look like competition. Party Packs ‘n Pinatas makes party packs for all ages.
  7. Dress-Up Day.  Come as your favourite heroine, or a representation of who you are.  Make suggestions of iconic women such as Maya Angelou, Albertina Sisulu, Joan of Arc, a nursing nurturer, Rosie the Riveter, a detective etc.  Offer prizes for great costumes.
  8. Homemade Hat Party.  All hats must be homemade or rather office made out of stuff that’s available in the office.  Give prizes for creativity.
  9. Games Day.  Play children’s party games at work.  Pass-The-Parcel works well, Fear Factor, even bingo,   Make sure the prizes are memorable and applicable to the winner.  A great bottle of wine won’t suit a teetotaller, a chic-lit novel won’t suit an academic and a cupcake … naaah – cupcakes suit everyone! 
  10. An Auction.  Make up some paper money with your corporate logo on.  Have a number of prizes up for grabs of varying sizes and values.  Appoint an auctioneer and let the gavel fall.  Make sure there are plenty of items to bid on, from something as small as a cupcake, to a hamper; from movie tickets for 2 to dinner vouchers; from an hour off work on a Friday afternoon, to a long weekend.  

Don’t forget to select the box for a Women’s Day download and check out my Pinterest boards, loaded with ideas. 


My 67 Minutes for Mandela Day:

Wow!  I just have to tell you about my 67-minutes for Mandela experience.  I am a dab hand at donating previously loved toys and clothing that was outgrown too quickly.  I’ve helped at fund-raising events through my children’s school.  However, as a busy mom of two, I haven’t donated my time to charities outside of that realm.  I felt a strong need this year, partly because of Madiba lying sick in hospital, and partly because I want to break out of whatever confines I find myself in, and stretch.

I contacted CHOC in Saxonwold and offered to give the children a birthday party in Madiba’s honour.  I gathered a posse of friends together:  Colette Baillie, the immensely talented photographer and friend who photographs all the beautiful pictures you see on my website and mailers; Lizet Rosen and Jill McCallum, my friends who do Party Packs ‘n Pinatas marketing.  

I was so nervous before the event.  It’s not like I don’t know how to do birthday parties, right?  I mean, I am Mrs Party Packs ‘n Pinatas and have been making cupcakes for so long I can do them in my sleep.  I felt nauseous and almost paralysed with fear.  Perhaps it was more worry that I would stress the children out, trying to fulfil my need to do something for charity. 

I really wanted to make the day memorable for the children and staff, without overwhelming them.  Because of the effects of chemo, we planned to keep the activities quiet, yet fun.  We made the table look beautiful, just to dazzle them.  I made up party packs for each child and a little gift of things-to-do.  I also brought cupcakes and biscuits for the children, their parents and the wonderful CHOC staff.  Jill brought savoury snacks and Lizet made pastel coloured play-dough for each child.  Colette snapped away and has delivered copies of the pictures for each child to keep.  It was awesome watching my friends in action.  We each brought our own skills to this event, and the combined effect was comfortable.  When I faltered, Lizet stepped up.  Each of us took our turns easily interacting with children and adults alike.

The kids were very diverse in their characters and approaches to us.  One little baba was shy and terrified we may whip out a guitar.  Apparently she had a bad experience with a daunting guitar-player recently.  We wore her down with gifts, sweets and fun.  She cut out green stars in play-dough, she unwrapped her activity pack and she revelled in the treasures in her party pack.  Then Jill read the children a story:  Run! Run! It’s Scary Poo by Susan Gates.   They laughed, they ooohed, they aaaaahed and they were entertained.  There’s something about the word ‘poo’ that has children in stiches.  We forced the staff and parents to eat cupcakes – I mean, what is life without cupcakes?  They seemed a little reticent at first; probably thinking this was only for the children.  It wasn’t.  In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes this team of staff and parents and peers to heal these kids.  

Well, let me tell you, this experience took my breath away.  From the life still very much in the children’s eyes; to the parents: tired, possibly worry-worn, yet happy we were there; to the committed staff who work there for more than a salary and to the facilities that were clean, peaceful, reassuring and comforting, I spent the afternoon in awe.  I can highly recommend this as a thing to do on a spare afternoon.  I’m not waiting for Mandela Day to do this again!  For once, this was an event that was not about marketing Party Packs and Pinatas.  It was not about business or networking. It was not about sadness and sickness.  It was only about children who enjoy life and cupcakes.

67 Minutes for Mandela Day Blog

Our symbol of ‘hope for the possibility of a rainbow nation’[1] lies in hospital and South Africa trembles on the brink of the end of an era.  In recognition of the number of years Madiba fought for social justice, we are being called upon to donate that amount of time in minutes, to charity.  Individually, we can all do something – that goes without saying.  However, as a collective, our power to effect change grows exponentially.  So, I have put together my Top-10 list of ideas that corporates can do to involve their staff and do good, while building a solid company team.

Select a needy organisation and support them with Social Responsibility Initiatives throughout the year, if your SRI budget will allow. Set up a strategic SRI plan – if you want an SRI download, check the box on the right – and communicate this plan to your staff.  You can enhance staff effort by rewarding them for participating with recognition programs, days off, bonuses.  Here’s my Top-Ten list of Mandela Day Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives:

  1. Host a birthday party at an orphanage.  Grab your decorations, cupcakes – enough for each child and orphanage staff member, and snacks.  Make up party-packs and inexpensive gifts, drag along a photographer and have the best party you have ever thrown!  Who’s birthday?  Well – Madiba’s, of course.  Place strategic branding in each Kodak moment and YouTube part of the event.  Distribute photos in your company newsletter and give the orphanage some copies to remember the fun they had.
  2. Organise a Spa-To-Go at an Old-Age Home.  Pair up your staff members to pre-empt any potentially embarrassing situations, and get those hands massaging some elderly folk’s tired shoulders.  Remind staff to be gentle.  Hand massages work well too. 
  3. Winter Warmers for a Shelter.  In addition to the much-needed blanket drive, include a beanie, a pair of socks and gloves.  Winter is so much more tolerable with warm extremities.  If you have avid knitters in your organisation, ask them to help with home-made offerings.
  4. These shoes are made for walking to a shelter.  Ask your staff to donate all old shoes to your drive, then go to your local cheap-shoe shop and buy a load of tackies.  Shoes are a much-needed and highly valued commodity in winter.
  5. Adopt-A-School and make a difference.  Paint the place, get your handy staff to fix things, donate stationery or help start a school-feeding program.  You can go big or small here.
  6. Plant a Veggie Garden at an orphanage.  Make sure part of your program entails teaching the kids how to nurture the veggie garden.
  7. Help your local SPCA.  This can bring out the creative geniuses in your workplace.  Ask the SPCA for a list of all the animals there.  Ask your staff to come up with new and creative ways to home the abandoned pets.  Have a competition for the person who homes the most animals.
  8. Animals in Distress.  Take your whole troupe to Animals in Distress and get everyone involved in walking, grooming, petting or whatever extent they are capable of.  Remember, not everyone is an animal lover and not everyone is comfortable around animals.  However, there is always something that can be done to help.
  9. Fund-raising Drive Competition.  Set up teams and let them pick a charity.  Let each team create their own fund-raising initiative.  All funds would be donated to their charities, with the winning team getting an equal company donation.
  10. Community Clean-Up.  Pick a spot. Any spot.  Well – any dirty spot.  Get your staff to join in on a community upliftment program.  Supply them with garbage bags and gloves and get to work.

Make your employees easily identifiable in company branded T-shirts.  This also makes them feel like part of the team and proud of their company.  After all is said and done, reward the staff who participated with a delicious Mandela Day cupcake.  They’re worth it!

[1] Sean Jacobs for Africa is a Country, part of the Guardian Africa Network, Thursday 4 July 2013


Top-10 Tips for holding a Father’s Day work social event to reward staff with incentives and fun.

What do men like to do?  I mean aside from blowing stuff up and testing the outer limits of the sound barrier.  They don’t really do the touchy-feely thing.  There is the odd oke who wrote poetry – Wordsworth springs to mind, but most corporate guys would rather die than pen an ode to fatherhood, unless you’re talking lewd, x-rated or intimate expressions of bodily functions.

Corporate social events go a long way to unifying the company, department or team.  I am always looking for an excuse to engender cohesion.  Father’s Day is an excuse I love.  So here are my Top-10 fun, unusual and memorable things to do for father’s day at work.  If you want details or hosting tips, please mark the checkboxes of the ideas you’re interested in, on the right.

1.      A Walkathon

Hold a walkathon at a local park and get all staff and their families involved.  You can ask suppliers or vendors to sponsor prizes or eats.  Make sure you select a weekend before or after Father’s Day and not on the day.  Get the dads in the company to select their favourite charities and then narrow it down to two to donate all funds received.

 2.    Office Olympics

Men love to bring out their inner child.  Men are competitive.  Childish + competitive = Office Olympics.  Hold office-chair races, rowing competitions (to see how this is done, click on the YouTube Link below), post-it jump, staple chase, e-mail relays.  Just make sure your first-aid kit is restacked.

 3.    A Potjie Cook-off competition

For some reason, braai’s and potjies are a man’s domain.  I’m not moaning – I’m always suggesting we braai.  For a work event, make sure your company is clear on what they are willing to pay for and stipulate it in writing to the competitors.

 4.    A tyre-flipping contest

Get some staff to donate spare tyres, or call on a tyre dealer and ask for a loan of 2 or 3.  Mark out a course in the parking lot, form teams and get the guys flipping.

 5.     A Come as Your Secret Hero/Heroine (if you’re feeling brave)

You’ll meet Humphrey Bogart, Hugh Heffner, Spiderman (that’s indeed a brave man in tights) and Braveheart (another brave man in a skirt.  Don’t be tempted to find out if highlanders wear undies.)  You might be entertained by Barbie or Princess Leah, so keep the camera handy.  Award prizes for the best costume.

6.     Let the Race Begin

Many guys still have remote-controlled cars.  Some will claim they belong to their sons, but we all know the truth.  Have a bring-and-race.  As the quality of cars may differ greatly depending on the staff-member’s status in life, offer many different prizes.

 7.    The Statue Game. 

Make sure to explain the rules before people begin.  Nominate one person as ‘The Statue’.  At some point during the party, this person must turn into a statue.  This can be during the middle of a conversation, a speech, anything.  As other staff members start to notice, they become statues too.  The last person to notice is the next statue.

8.    Pick your nose

Get a wide variety of nose images and cut them out.  Put a number on the back of the nose picture and Prestik it to poster.  Each father picks a nose and pulls it off the poster.  The number on the back corresponds to a gift.

9.    Give each father a mini hamper

Whatever your budget, I can offer you small to large quantities of gift packs to suit your dads.  Contact me at Party Packs and Pinatas for sample pricing on individual, uniquely packaged hampers for men.  They also make great prizes for competitions.

 10.  Your Company’s Got Talent

Group your fathers into teams and invite them to present a song (with backing actions or dance moves) either as a lip sync, or a parody.  Pick the best team and reward them heavily with great prizes.  Give the runners up and all entrants some prizes.  Popular songs are R-E-S-P-E-C-T, YMCA, Good Vibrations, My Hips Don’t Lie, Gangnam Style, A Night At The Opera.

Regular, fun social events in the workplace build team spirit amongst staff, reduce absenteeism and encourage inter-departmental unity.  They can be inexpensively organised and achieve the same result as a high-budget event.  Click here to look through the gallery and see some samples of what Party Packs and Pinatas has to offer.  Please contact me for quotes, suggestions, ideas, etc for your corporate gifting.


Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals like cupcakes 

From Twitter @CupcakesQuotesmother's day download

It suddenly dawned on me that 2013 Mothers Day is just around the corner. Can it really be May that soon? Is it already one year since my last slice of burnt toast and milky white tea on a tray with a single Barberton Daisy threatening to tip over the too small vase?  Is it really one year since my last Mothers Day breakfast in bed?

Mothers not only come in all shapes and sizes, but also in the species they mother.  Some mothers mother the human species, others mother pets or plants, to name just a few.  Mothers all over the world are worrying about what they may need to consume on Sunday 12th May once again.  If they are mothering other ‘offspring’, they’ll get a sloppy kiss at 05:00 which actually means ‘please let me out, I need to pee’, but they’ll interpret it any way they like.  They still feel loved.  Give all working mothers a Pre-Mother’s Day on Friday 10th May. 

I’ve been thinking about how to dazzle moms in a corporate environment.  My mind immediately went to hiring Daniel Craig for a day but he would never get out of the office alive, James Bond or no James Bond.  So I polled many different corporate women and compiled the following list.


My Top-Ten Favourite Corporate Pre-Mother’s Days Treats:

  1. Hold a competition amongst the mothers.  The prize… a pamper hamper filled with body cream, bath milk, a scented candle; anything a mother wouldn’t usually buy for herself.  So what competition could you hold?
    1. A poetry competition – the winning poem to be read by the poet on presentation of the hamper.
    2. A recipe competition – Ask each mom to make their recipe for a Pre-Mother’s Day work function. The winner can be chosen by a majority vote. 
    3. A vote by all the corporate men on The Most Motherly Mother
  2. Gift vouchers to a nearby mall.  Arrange a date where you can all go together.  That way, the moms are less likely to spend the voucher on groceries.
  3. Give all your working moms something along the ‘forbidden’ line, where they would tell you how much they hate you, but secretly thank you.  I love giving beautiful cupcakes that look like objet d’art.  You know the kind that you feel guilty taking the first bite out of, but force you to lick the wrapper afterwards.
  4. An invitation to a Pre-Mother’s Day breakfast at a nearby coffee-shop.  This is almost an offering to line their stomachs before the dreaded ‘breakfast in bed’ and you can still make it into the office before too many eyebrows are raised.
  5. Custom-made biscuits, beautifully wrapped.  It is such a decadent delight to receive three or four individually iced biscuits in creative packaging. I would never buy this for myself, so I really appreciate getting it.
  6. A Friday Afternoon Chick Flick date.  Give them all permission to take Friday afternoon off and surprise them with a beautiful pack of biscuits that you sneak into the movies in your over-sized shopper handbag.  A pleasant change to popcorn.
  7. I’m very fortunate in that there are only five women in my department and my Staff Wellness budget allows me to get really unique gift packsI like to get gifts made up, like a sushi-making kit or a specialised baking kit, complete with recipe book.
  8. Hire a female comedienne to entertain your troops for an hour.  A ROFL Friday is guaranteed to set up a great weekend.
  9. A lucky dip.  Get a selection of diverse gifts of equal value, wrap them and put them into a giant box.  Let all moms draw a number then pick a prize in numerical sequence.  All open together at the end.
  10. A voucher for them to redeem against an afternoon off.  You may need to put terms and conditions on the voucher, depending on your company policies.  I would specify that they cannot be redeemed over a month-end or year-end as our business is time-driven.

Women LOVE gifts, and especially gifts they didn’t expect.  This will fortify them to enjoy the Mother’s Day Sunday.